Iron Rusher v1.0.6

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  • You can run, roll, fly, smash obstacles, and use powerups through 3 unique environments.
    Feast your eyes on the characters stylish acrobatics as he flips and spins through each endless stage.
    Effortlessly navigate the terrain with simple and intuitive controls.


    • Use your action gauge wisely as you have limited energy to draw from.
    • Break obstacles to refill your action gauge.
    • Using the action button and flying draw from your action gauge, so make sure your gauge isn't empty when you try to use them.


    • Endless replay ability.
    • Random level generation.
    • No two games will ever be the same!
    • Easy controls & Stylish action.
    • Amazing graphics & Smooth animations.
    • Easy to learn, but hard to put down.
    • Easy to enjoy, but hard to master.


    [][0]">[][1] ... 1.0.6.rar/


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