Metin2-Ultimatum english-german OldSchool server

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  • yes you can..

  • It's an old school server max level 100 at the moment the max level will increase in the future so many updates ! Never will you be sitting there all items in game and max level bored. We have the Devils Catacomb fully working (boy was that hard to get working). Pretty easy leveling until level 70 or so and it will get a bit challenging. We offer a new map but only accessible from purchase of the item mall. In this map there are beacons, metins. Beacons drop treasure boxes which give dragon pendants - 30 skill resistance, 500ac, 2.5khp. Also treasure box gives Magic Metals because they aren't in the shop. Epic weapons success rate is 100% all the way to +6 then to +7 1white pearl +8 1white pearl 1blue pearl +9 1white pearl 1blue pearl 1red pearl. Armors go to Aqua armors (Just like armors in the UK). Aqua armors are the same upgrades just like epic weapons. (GameForge Epics)

    Epic Weapons : +0 = level 80 - +9 = level 92
    Aqua Armour : +0 = level 80 - +9 = level 90

    They're 4 channels in total, channel 1 & 2 is English and channel 3 & 4 is German. Everyone is welcomed to come try our server. Server just opened so please be patient. Donations are accepted (Paypal and PSC's). This is a 2 man team [SA]Dixon - [SA]Stumpy.--->brothers

    -New client designs

    Pictures COMING SOON

    HP: [][0]">[][1]

    Come and try...server is amazing balanced so you will never bored...i hope you joined...we see ingame bye

    [0]: <a href=

  • The server looks good, but could you show pictures? Thanks I will test this server e.e Only must speak english in all game? or we can speak spanish in chat? 😧

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