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  • Hi all, I'm a algerian 3D maker working since 2010.. so I think I've got good skills. You shouldn't know who I am but when I saw others guys sold their creations, I told me that i could do that too. So today, I want to show you my 3D armors witch worked 100% and without any bug. I actually work on a website that will be online soon with my own 3D creations that you can find here, and others things like python scripts or graphic

    Armor Set 1 :

    Price : 50 Euro

    Armor Set 2

    Price :50 Euro

    Armor Set 3 :

    Price : 60 Euro

    Armor Set 4 :

    Price : 80 Euro

    Logo 3D Model :

    I can create logos and attached to your armor

    Screen exemple logo créated by me these are samples :

    NPC&Divers :

    New Shop Player :

    Price :15 Euro

    NPC :

    Price :1 NPC/15 Euro

    Object Animated :

    Ship 3D Animated

    Price :1 Ship = 30 Euro

    Pack Building Full :

    Price :150 Euro (complet building for 3 empire) zone.epk size is 100mo very clean

    Animation :

    New Run Fly Shaman + effect :

    Price :40 Euro

    Method payment is only paypal

    Contact Ridack Skype: hamdou5551

    Enjoy !

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