Lineage 2 Bort PvP Server

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    Xp: 2000x
    Sp: 2000x
    Party Xp: x2
    Party Sp: x2
    Adena: 2000x
    Drop: 10x


    Safe Enchant: +6
    Max Enchant: +12
    Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 66%
    Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 80%
    Ancient Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%(drop valakas,antharas, olympiads)


    Instant LvL85
    Character Control Panel ( .user )
    Full GmShop
    Dedicated 26+4 slots for Buffs and 14 dances/songs
    Max subclass: 3
    2 Hours Buffs
    Scheme Buffer( with Buffs +15/+30)
    Antibot System
    Single Vote reward System ( through .user )
    Nexus Event Engine main events
    (tvt,dm,ctf,zombies,battlegrounds,domination,mass domintaion,treasure chests and more!!)
    Nexus Event Engine mini events
    ( 1vs1,2vs2,2vs2vs2,mini tvt-10vs10 or 20vs20 and more!)
    olympiads every 2 weeks
    Custom rewards for Olympiads
    olympiads Limit +6 ( no Custom Items)
    Custom Clan Advent Buff (through the castle Lord's Crown)
    Pvp/pk color name/title system
    Offline shop Enabled
    Goddess of destruction items farming easy mantra
    Goddess of destruction Cloaks And War Helmets
    all raidbosses,events, olympiads, Angels in danger zone drop
    blesseds armor/weapon
    Elements max lvl 7
    Killing Spree PvP System
    Clan Reputation Farming Zone
    2x All vs All Zones + raidboss(FlagZone , no Names, Random body, no partys, no clan just all vs all)

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