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    Server Features
    !【1】: Dragon Nest has 9 Classes including Lencea and【Dark Avenger】, No bugs on this version. Level cap is 80.

    !【2】: Dark Avenger's has no bugs in the skill usage, apart from the transformation animation which will be fixed in the near future.

    【3】:The cooldown on original skill's in PvE has been reduced by 30%, to give you the extensive and immersive gameplay that you will all enjoy. Marine's exclusives by 50% (Fashion skill's), and also has 3-5x the output of the individual skill because of the lower cooldown's.
    【4】:Enhancing is 100% to +15. except +15 gear's are to +6, +30 gear's to +15. (Will get repaired and adjusted.) Damages are enhanced and should give you a lot of damage. even at low enhance's.
    【5】:Unique Farm boss mode, you can enter the farm, and fight epic bosses throughout the farm!
    【6】:Fashion has 50% Physical/Magic damage increase, highest of the game. should give you the easier clear's on Dungeon's/Nests.
    【7】:Mysterious Rainbow Goldfish's are added to give 3000 Gold by selling it to any merchant. They can be farmed and have a small chance of appearing in any dungeon/nest and chest opening.
    【8】:The attack has been enhanced to give you the easy gameplay, you want. After all it's for your enjoyment.
    【9】:The latest Mount's Wings, Decal's, Accessoire's, Tails. Spirit's and fashion sets have been added for your pleasure and diversity in the gameplay.
    【10】: The experience has been enhanced to 10 times of the original experience. And the drop rate has been enhanced to 10 times as well, to make your game expandable and diversive. The server is stable for your enjoyment and pleasure.
    【11】: Theme parks have different special item's, [Christmas Orc gift bags] Which can be exchanged for various good's from Infamous Santa Goblin in Saint's haven, get your illegal goods from this Goblin he will give you nice loots you will possibly enjoy having.
    【12】: Store's have all Skill heraldries, and extensive choice for all classes including lencea and Avenger->Dark Avenger.
    【13】:Farm planting has a reduced duration of 10 time's then the official, to get your crop's to grow faster. The sale price has been increased to 30 times, to make it awesome for you!
    【14】:We are continiously going to update to fix Dark Avenger's Transformation issue. And update Red Dragon Nest, Volcano Nest and Dark Ballroom nest, and add proper AI in the near future.

    Please visit the game this is the website link: www.(dot)dnfires(dot)com
    Please visit the game this is the website link http://www.dnfires.com

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