[AD] EagleMU - MEDIUM x100, S6 E3 - 8 JULY

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  • MEDIUM [x100] Server Grand Opening - 3 July at 18:00 (+2GMT)

    Website: www.eaglemu.com
    Forum: www.forum.eaglemu.com
    Downloads: www.eaglemu.com/downloads

    [Server Info]
    Premium IGCN Season 6 Episode 3
    Client Anti-Cheat Protection
    Exp: x100 & Drop: 50%
    PPL: 5/6/7
    Reset level: 400
    Reset price: 5kk * resets (reward 100 credits)
    Stats After Reset: Clear: SM/ELF/BK/SUM - 1200 Free points * resets & DL/MG/RF - 1400 Free points * resets
    Grand Reset from: 50 resets
    Grand Reset price: 2kkk
    Grand Reset reward: 10'000 Free Credits + 10'000 Free points * GR
    CashShop 'x' works (wCoins)- Pets & Buffs (increase exp)
    Official MuHelper costs: 250 zen * level (per 5 minutes)
    Shadow Phantom Elf Buff Till: 250lvl
    Best Exp in: Bronze/Silver/Gold party
    Balanced Zen Drop
    Balanced Monster Strenght
    Balanced Characters
    Spots in all maps
    Fastest way to collect zen (at the start) is from boxes/medals/by selling items in shop
    Fastest way to level up is making bronze/silver/gold parties

    [Website Info]
    Premium DMN MuCMS Website
    Exchange credits to wCoins
    Exchange online hours to credits
    Referral System (every 1 friend reset gives you and your friend 10 credits)
    Market System
    Vote & Reward System
    ItemShop System
    Change Name & Class
    Zen Wallet
    Hide Info (hide char at rankings)


    MEDIUM [x100] Server Grand Opening - 3 July at 18:00 (+2GMT)

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