[AD] EagleMU - LOW x100, S6 E3 - 31 JULY

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  • LOW [x100] Server Re-Opening - 31 July at 18:00 (+2GMT)

    About EagleMu Community !
    The EagleMu team have many year experience in running MuOnline private servers.
    Our goal is to make the best gameplay for players, to make excellent item, zen and other stuff worth, character balance, zen drop balance, interesting events and prizes. Right now we are opening Low x100 Server, also feel free to register to EagleMu Community Forum ! All accounts deleted, please register again, also all players who donated will get all credits back, so write to administrator RobiZ a private message in Forum or add in skype: robizmuonline - remember to give full info about payment/-s !
    Good Luck and Have Fun !

    Website: www.eaglemu.com
    Forum: www.forum.eaglemu.com
    Downloads: www.eaglemu.com/downloads

    [General Info]
    Premium IGCN Season 6 Episode 3
    Client Anti-Cheat Protection
    Exp: x100
    Master Exp: x50
    Drop: x50
    Max Master Level: 200
    Full Stats: 32767
    Points Per Level: 5 / 6 / 7
    Guild Creation From: 150 Level
    CashShop x (wCoins) - Buffs & Pets
    Balanced Zen Drop
    Balanced Monster Strenght
    Balanced Characters
    Fastest way to collect zen (at the start) is from boxes/medals/by selling items in shop
    Fastest way to level up is making bronze/silver/gold parties

    /add - add free stat points (/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd )
    /post - send message to server chat (cost 10k)
    /pkclear - to clear pk status (cost 100k * kill count)
    /teleport - teleports yourself to your marriage partner
    /prop - to propose a marry to other player

    [Chaos Machine Rate]
    Making Item +10: 50%
    Making Item +11~13: 45%
    Making Item +14: 40%
    Making Item +15: 35%
    Additional 20% to items with Luck Option

    [Party Experience]
    In Party 1 member - x100 (Solo Party)
    In Party 2 members - x210 (Due Party)
    In Party 3 members - x330 (Bronze Party)
    In Party 4 members - x480 (Silver Party)
    In Party 5 members - x650 (Gold Party)

    [Reset System]
    Reset Limit: 100 Resets
    Reset From: 400 Level
    Reset Price: 5kk * Resets
    Reset Reward: 100 Free Credits
    Stats After Reset: Clear (SM/ELF/BK/SUM - 1200 Free Points * Resets & DL/MG/RF - 1400 Free Points * Resets)
    Grand Reset Limit: 10 GR
    Grand Reset From: 50 Resets
    Grand Reset Price: 2kkk
    Grand Reset Reward: 10000 Free Credits + 10000 Free Points * GR
    Resets After GR: Keep

    Blood Castle
    Castle Siege
    Devil Square
    Golden Invasion
    Bone King
    Kalima Kundun
    Chaos Castle
    White Wizard
    Kanturu Event
    Bone King
    Loren Deep Event
    Dopple Ganger Event
    Illusion Temple

    [Additional Info]
    Unique Box & Medal Drops
    No Excellent Ancient Items
    No VIP Servers
    No Full Option Items
    Stronger Maps Have Stronger Mobs

    [Website Info]
    Premium DMN MuCMS Website
    Exchange credits to wCoins
    Exchange online hours to credits
    Referral System (every 1 friend reset gives you and your friend 10 credits)
    Market System
    Vote & Reward System
    ItemShop System
    Change Name & Class
    Zen Wallet
    Hide Info (hide char at rankings)

    Register, Download and Enjoy !
    You must download the new Client from the main page on the site to play the server.

    LOW [x100] Server Re-Opening - 31 July at 18:00 (+2GMT)


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