• King Gherusio

    Hi guys are here to offer my advanced client protection service. I sell various protection packages, fixes of any injection, fix engine, fix macros, fix bots and especially the final fix for any use of hack damage.

    WEBSITE: https://gherusioweb.altervista.org/home/
    Advanced Control Protection
    [New Version 3.0]

    #Hack Protection#

    Fix Final Damage Hack;

    Fix Hack Damage Lalacker1;

    Fix Hack Damage M2Bob;

    Fix .dll injection;

    Fix .py injection;

    Fix Universal Decrypter;

    Block File .mix, .asi, .m3d, .py, .dll.

    [Test Lalacker1 Pro Damage]

    [Test Injection Client]


    #Archives Protection#

    Change of keys and algorithms launcher;

    Change Index name;

    Change name root;

    Change extensions archives;

    [+]Insert Start Argument.


    Payment Method: The payment method used for these products is PayPal.

    Skype: gherusio.powa

    Email: gherusioweb.altervista.org

    Site: https://gherusioweb.altervista.org/home/

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