No se si esto esta por aqui pero, mensaje de chris

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  • Default Metin2 SG client download ready!
    Dear members,

    Warmest Greetings from TEC Interactive!

    We wish to inform everyone that Metin2 SG game client download is ready. Our test team is running the download today and tomorrow. Without further delay, we are very positive that the game will be ready in the next few days. (Please look out in this forum for the link to the game client download in the next few days)

    It is our privilege to serve the community with our most sincere attitude and we thank everyone for your continuous support and patient. For those who are reading this message, please inform your friend(s) who has/have registered with us and let them know that the game will soon be ready.

    Metin2 is one of the best MMORPG available today! It is time to rock and battle it out! Only with unity and might can one self survive the bloody arena of war zone.

    Note: During Close Beta Test, we hope and want the gamers to highlight all bug issues to the management. You may either send us a mail or broadly notify us the bug(s) in this forum. We will create a thread specially for bug reporting!


    Christopher Chia
    TEC Interactive Pte Ltd

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